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Agricultural and Forest Entomology

Agricultural and Forest Entomology
Published: Quarterly (from 1999)

Provides a natural home for the best papers on entomological research relevant to the control of insect and other arthropod pests. It welcomes high quality original research papers on the biology, population dynamics, impact and management of pests of the full range of forest, agricultural and horticultural crops.

Contribution correspondence to:

Dr A D Watt
Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Banchory Research Station, Hill of Brathens, Glassel, Banchory, Scotland, AB31 4BY

Dr T H Jones
Biodiversity Ecological Processes Group, Cardiff School of Biosciences, Cardiff University, Cardiff, CF10 3US

Professor B Ekbom
Dept. of Ecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Box 7044 750 07, Uppsala, Sweden

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