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Other Non-Society Meetings


4-8 September 2017

26th International Conference of the World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology (WAAVP 2017)
"Combating Zoonoses: Strength in East - West Partnerships"

Venue : Kuala Lumpar Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia



28th August -1st September 2017

Ecological Immunology Workshop 2017
"Insect immunity: genomics, microbiome, applications."


Venue : Blossin (close to Berlin) Germany

This workshop will bring together researchers interested in ecological immunology with the focus on insects, and with diverse scientific backgrounds ranging from molecular biology to ecology. The hallmark of these workshops, started in 2001, is the open atmosphere fostering free exchange by keeping it affordable, small conference (100 participants). The format consists of eighteen invited speakers, contributed talks and a dedicated poster. Long breaks provide plenty of opportunity for informal exchange. Past workshops have initiated new collaborations and ideas focusing on frontier research that has not been published. The premises are basic but in a beautiful location conductive to the success of the meeting. We will be located at a lakeside, which at this time of year offers great swimming and canoeing, and a small private bar at the harbour []

Program and invited speakers

Genomics and functional work in the wild

Seth Barribeau, University of Liverpool
Nicole Gerardo, Emory University
Brian Lazzaro, Cornell University
Hinrich Schulenburg, University of Kiel
Ann Tate, University of Texas
Lumi Viljakainen, University of Oulu
Chris wheat, University of Stockholm

Host-symbiont interactions affecting host immunity

Nichole Broderick, University of Connecticut
Ewa Chrostek, MPI Infection Biology
Ellen Decaesteker, University of Leuven
Abdelaziz Heddi, INSA-Lyon
Martin Kaltenpoth, University of Mainz
David Schneider, Stanford University

Applying ecological immunology

Lena Bayer-Wilfert, University of Essex
Astrid Groot, University of Amsterdam
Dino McMahon, Free University Berlin
Brian Weiss, Yale University
Ken Wilson, University of Lancaster

Important dates
The deadline for abstract submission of oral and poster presentations is 28th February 2017.
Registration closes at the latest on 31st March 2017 or when the maximum number of possible participants is reached, i.e. 100 persons.
Final programme announcement is 31st July 2017.

Registration fee will include accommodation and catering (all meals)

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Ecological Immunology Workshop 2017.

Organizing Committee:
Jens Rolff, Free University of Berlin
Oliver Otti, University of Bayreuth
Paul Schmidt-Hempel, ETH Zurich

If you have any  questions concerning the meeting please do not hesitate to e-mail us: (program) (travel and registration)



5-8 November 2017

Entomology 2017
ESA's Annual Meeting

Venue : Denver, Colorado, USA


2-6 July 2018

European Congress of Entomology

Venue : Expo Convention Centre, Naples Italy



25-30 November 2018

9th International Congress of Dipterology

Venue : Windhoek, Namibia