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2017 Meetings and dates

2017 Proposed meetings

Dates to be confirmed

Arthropod Cuticle SIG
Insect Conservation SIG
Taxonomy SIG

 12-14 September 2017

Ento '17 Annual National Science Meeting and International Symposium

"Entomological Networks: Ecology, Behaviour & Evolution"

Venue: Herschel Bulding, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU

Convenors: Gordon Port , Darren Evans , James Gilbert


13 September 2017

Public Understanding of Entomology Special Interest Group Meeting

Venue: Curtis Auditorium, Herschel Building, Newcastle University.

Convenors: Luke Tilley James Gilbert

This first meeting will be held during Ento '17, you do not have to be a registered Ento '17 delegate to attend,  it is open to all but registration is required.

23 September 2017

Bristol Insect Festival

Venue: Bristol City Museum

Contact: Peter Smithers

24 October 2017

Insect Pollination Special Interest Group Meeting

Venue: National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
Convenors: Mike Garratt , Jenni Stockan

1 November 2017

Orthoptera Special Interest Group Meeting
Venue: Neil Chalmers Room, Natural History Museum, London
Convenor: Bjorn Beckmann

14 November 2017

Electronic & Computing Technology Special Interest Group Meeting

Venue: The Mansion House, St Albans, AL2 3NS

Convenor: Mark O'Neill

7 March 2018

Verrall Lecture

Venue: Flett theatre, Natural History Museum, London

Dr Amoret Whitaker (University of Winchester)

"Fabulous Fleas"
Due to their parasitic lifestyle, the much maligned flea has always had a close association with humans. However, it has also been celebrated in poetry, art and entertainment. This talk will consider some of the many ways in which this fascinating insect has been portrayed - including their use in flea circuses, as curiosities and as love tokens.