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Arthropod cuticle

Founding Meetings: 1 Oct 2013 and 4th August 2014.

Last Meeting: 8-9 September 2015, Dresden, Germany. See website for details

As the cuticle is key to the arthropod's success of colonising the earth's habitats, the group aims to unite scientists that address aspects of the biology of the arthropod cuticle from many different angles, including biochemical pathways of the cuticle formation, physical peculiarities of the cuticle architecture, as well as the various biological functions of stabilisation, locomotion, defence, water balance, insecticide resistance, or colouration and camouflage.

The group aims to provide an informal forum for exchange of information, ideas and techniques relating to all aspects of the arthropod cuticle in regular, at least annual meetings.

Current convenors:

Professor Klaus Reinhardt, FRES
Technische Universitaet Dresden
Faculty of Science, Dept. Biology 
Applied Zoology
01062 Dresden, Germany


Professor Stuart Reynolds, FLS, FRES
Department of Biology & Biochemistry
University of Bath
Claverton Down