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The Wigglesworth Memorial Lecture and Award

Award criteriaFor outstanding services to the science of Entomology. The award will be made to a researcher who has contributed outstanding work to the science and who best reflects Sir Vincent Wigglesworth's standards of personal involvement in every aspect of his/her research.
PrizeA specially struck gilt medal inscribed with the winners name. Also the costs of attending the International Congress of Entomology to give the Wigglesworth Lecture. The next Award will be presented at ICE 2016 Orlando Florida USA
EligibilityLetter of nomination accompanied by at least two letters of support. Typically, the nomination will be in favour of eminent internationally known researchers.
CycleEvery 4 years.
AdjudicationBy RES Council, who, may consult with the Presidents of major Entomological Societies.
EntryNominations to be submitted to the Registrar 24 months before the I.C.E. Winner will be notified no less that 12 months before the I.C.E.



2016 Winner

Professor John G Hildebrand
Dept. of Neuroscience, University of Arizona, USA

"How Insects Smell, and Why We Should Care"


2012 Winner

Professor Steve Simpson, B.Sc. (Qld), PhD (Lond)
School of Biological Sciences, University of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

"A Tale Of Swarms, Cannibals, Obesity And Ageing"

2008 Winner

Professor James William Truman, B.S.
Department of Biology, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

"A Stem Cell Approach to Unlocking the Development, Function and Evolution of the Insect Central Nervous System"