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About the Society - our aims

The aim of the Society is "the improvement and diffusion of entomological science".

The Society's aim is to improve and disseminate knowledge of and about insect science. To achieve this we organise meetings of a general and specialist nature, where scientific knowledge is presented and discussed. The fundamental relationship of insects to ecology, conservation, food production, animal and human health, being a major part of biological science. We also publish academic journals and identification handbooks to assist the general public and scientists. Our membership is international and open to all who contribute to entomological science.

  • publishing the results of entomological research in seven primary journals
  • publishing the series of Handbooks for the Identification of British Insects, a benchmark series for taxonomic identification
  • maintaining a large entomological library
  • organising Annual National Science meetings in its "Ento" series, and biennially an International Symposium in conjunction with the National Meeting
  • supporting entomological expeditions;
  • and informally by generating discourse between entomologists, both amateur and professional.
  • Outreach Fund - to help support activities that would further the Society's aims and objectives.